Ford Ranger Sungrabba Dashmat

Ford Ranger Sungrabba Dashmat


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Sungrabba Dashmats protect your dashboard from harmful UV rays to extend their life while cutting down annoying glare. Our dashmats are made from a modern, low profile fibre, they won’t shrink or buckle even in extreme conditions. Perfectly fitting, our dashmats enhance the interior of any car and are available to suit a wide range of models.

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  • Moulded to suit the exact shape of your Ford Ranger dashboard.
  • Accommodates all dash features (sensors, speakers, vents, HUD, airbags)
  • Significant sun glare reduction.
  • UV and sun damage protection.
  • Easy to install non slip fitting kit included.
  • 100% UV stable (will never fade, shrink or deform).



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