Our Factory

100% Made in New Zealand


Rugged Valley seat covers are manufactured right here in Masterton.
And when we say manufacture, we mean the entire process. None of this designed in NZ, but made in China B.S. 

Why? We do this because it works best for a business like us.

We can be more agile and efficient, do shorter runs and have greater control over the quality of our products. It allows us to employ a team of good honest Kiwis and support our local economy by purchasing raw materials exclusively from New Zealand suppliers. That's a win-win-win.






We partner with top NZ suppliers to get the finest raw materials for our canvas seat covers. We work closely with them to make sure our materials are truly indestructible. We are proud of the relationships we've built with our suppliers - together we've been pushing the limits for over 20 years.




Our seat cover patterns are all designed by hand. Our pattern maker has a staunch obsession with detail. And we like him that way. He forensically checks the pattern pieces to ensure a snug and tailored fit. Hours of edits are made and all patterns are physically checked on a vehicle for an exacting fit.


Once a pattern has been finalised. The pattern pieces are photographed and digitised to ensure an efficient, economical yield of fabric is used. From this the cut files are nested together. Now the pattern is ready for production!




All make-to-order seat cover products are collated by our production assistant and organised into a daily schedule for our team.






Here is where the magic starts to happen. We cut our seat covers using a computerised cutting machine. This machine can cut up to 20 layers of fabric in under 10 minutes! Some of our patterns for older vehicles are still cut using the good old fashioned technique - a pair of scissors. This is simply because with over 4000 patterns available some patterns haven't been digitised yet.




Our Rugged Valley logo is synonymous for quality and durability that you can rely on. This is printed on the back panels so that you know you have a genuine Rugged Valley seat cover.






Next the pieces are sewn together by our team of machinists. Over a cup of strong coffee and good humour these seat covers begin to take shape. Our sewing team has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries - from making swimwear to designer clothing to waterproof raincoats.





Our seat covers are then finished and bound with a heavy duty binding to seal the edges. 







The seat covers are now quality checked for any stray threads or construction errors. This ensures that our seat covers are truly hard wearing and helps maintain consistency.






Our packing team spreads out all the various components and separately folds them into one small, tidy package. Our seat covers are all folded by hand, not a machine.






Next your parcel is packaged and prepared for the courier to pick up. We try to keep seat covers for latest model vehicles in stock, so you could receive your order within 2-3 days. However, for all other non-stock items, we make to order with a 7 day lead time. 






What our customers say

Love this product.  Have purchased before and it was amazing how clean the seats looked when we sold our vehicle.

Lynne Agnew

Great seat covers, get what you pay for.
Dog hair doesnt stick to them which is great.
Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again

Scott Balderstone

Highly recommended to anyone reading this prior to purchasing a set! They fit great and even better once your backside wears them in! Just watch your hands up under the seats on those Tritons, plenty of sharp stuff up under there to ruin ya day.

Ryan Ruthe

Great seat covers. Only brought the front set for a start, was so satisfied after a period of time to test them that i got the rear set also. Easy to use instructions & installation. Superior fitment & hard wearing material. These are not cheap but you get what you pay for. Wouldn’t hesitate getting a set for my next vehicle. Keep up the awesome work Team


Picked up a full set of covers for our ranger, after picking up a Quad seat cover i was keen to try their seat covers. a bit fiddly to fit (maybe a you-tube video with tips and tricks would be useful ?) the fit is great, my mate has another brand (duck) in his hilux and they are not a patch on these for fit.
Great service from Rugged valley staff and quick turn around, all i would do is work on the fitting guide to complete the experience.

Lee Butcher

Awesome bullet proof seat cover would highly recommend them


i’m really please with these matts, fit nice and snug even thought I haven’t fixed them in place ,just popped them in. They catch the water and stones when launching boat. easy as to shakeout and plop back in.


Totally like the new seat covers, great fit and quality material. Friendly helpful staff, great service, fast delivery – a highly professional company to deal with – I can truly recommend Rugged Valley!


Tumeke! Makes my ute look flash.


These seat covers are mint, fit snug, but easy to fit, and are comfortable and hard wearing, as well as looking great, highly recommend them!!

Graeme West

These seat covers are great, they fit well and are very durable, awesome quality and highly recommend them to anyone.
Nothing like brand new seats when you sell your vehicle.

Matthew Garton

After purchasing my ford ranger seat covers from Rugged valley, it is very easy to see why they have so many 5 star reviews.
Delivery was very prompt, quality is top notch, and very easy to fit compared to some other seat covers i have purchased from the retail shops. Brilliant company, brilliant staff from my dealings with them. Thank you rugged valley.

Ryan Trevathan

Just fitted the seat covers and have been using them for a few days now and I can honestly say. They fit perfectly, were easy to install and are very hard wearing. The customer service is second to non and they were a pleasure to deal with. I made a mistake and got the wrong covers. They sorted it out no problem. I highly recommend Rugged valley. Deal with true kiwis and get a good NZ made product. Thanks guys and girls A+

Caleb Blank

We just put these seat covers in our new Hiace. They were easy to fit and fitted perfect. Great service and great product. Thanks

Arron Emmerson

good fitting seatcovers, enhance the vehicles appearance and are hardwearing and easy care cleaning against contamaments

Paul Kelly

Very pleased with the seat covers. They look and fit great.
Thanks for your professional service.

Dave Hockey

I used to think that Black Duck seat covers where the industry benchmark, but Rugged Valley’s are every bit as good – super tough, comfortable, stylish and a perfect fit. Very happy I bought them!

George Morrah

Yeah 10/10 aye. Just got them for the back seats so dogs/kids/tools whatever don’t wreck them. Still look like new.


Easy to fit, keep the mud and dirt off the original seats and keeps the original comfort of the seat.

Mark Booth

Absolutely love these seat covers on my Hilux! They are a perfect fit and they were surprisingly super easy to fit them. I highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing them to do so as they are 100% worth the money. Yes, they are not cheap but you get what you pay for and you will have no regrets.
Thanks Rugged Valley, you have a very happy customer here – 5 Stars!

Nate Gunther

We needed some seat covers for our Gator and the ones from Rugged Valley were just fantastic! Great quality material which will take wear and tear, a good fit and the right colour – black! They have really enhanced our vehicle and look superb. The service was great all round with very fast shipping. Highly recommended!

David Tonge

Totally awesome product and great NZ company.Delivery was so quick.The more time we spend sitting on them the better they get.So bloody comfortable.Have just done south island 8day 4wd trip and they stood up to everything.Amazingly the covers stay the same temperature no matter the weather or how long you spend sitting in them. Rugged Valley top blokes and blokesses

Peter Harris

Outstanding service, very prompt, Top Quality product, perfect fit thank you

Steve Old

Very happy with Prado seat covers great quality and fit .

Daryl Smith

Seat covers are well made and fit the seat nicely. Professional company to deal with. Ordered on line and had no problems at all.

Steve Watson

Seat covers arrived today and I am very happy with the product. Originally the goods were lost in transit through not fault of Rugged Valley’s. However, they made me a new set and had them shipped to me overnight. Very impressed. Recommend this product to all farmers and 4x4s or to anyone wanting something that will prevent your seat from getting wet, dirty or stained!

Howie Maden

Great seat covers! Bought a full set for our Ranger and we’re really pleased with them. Good looking, easy to fit (they fit well with no loose areas), and the material is comfy but robust.


The Rugged Valley seat covers are a perfect fit and surprisingly comfortable. They look great to. Super happy with the produxt, and the quality. Highly recommended. A+++

Dayl Williams

Really awesome service from the team, made sure I got the right seat covers for my Can-Am Max. They look great in black and fitted like a glove. Will be using Rugged Valley for any other seat covers I need.

Bill Parker

Awesome seat covers! Good snug fit, tough as, water proof, look good and really easy to clean!

Tom N

Very happy with the seat covers for my new Mitsubishi Triton cab chassis ute. The fit is good, they seem of good quality (have not thrashed them yet) and they look great (in grey). Rugged Valley have been excellent to deal with.

Brett Tercel

Seat covers are on a van used by our Port services group. They are in and out of the van 24/7 and all who use the van are very impressed with the covers. Service was great and you keep us in the loop as to where and when the covers were. Cheers.

Murray Burgess

Good quality & good fit. Very strong & sturdy covers which is much needed with muddy shepherds in & out of the vehicle every day.


These seat covers are worth every cent. The 12oz fabric is very durable and is comfortable to sit on. Would recommend for anyone wanting protection of there seats, especially tradies who are in and out of the vehicle all day. A++. The seat covers are quite tight to fit initially, however after a few days they hug the seats covers and dont show ripples. The colour black does not feel hot to sit on when in direct sunlight.

In addition, I am very happy with Rugged Valley with there customer service and fast delivery!


Once ordered, the seat covers arrived about as fast as a .308 bullet into our letterbox.
Rugged, hard wearing and top Quality, makes our Ute seem even tougher.
Five Stars for the good Bastards at Rugged Valley.

Clinton Steele

Love them !! 100% perfect fit for my 2000 bench seat ute!! took me a 1 year to find rugged valley Way beta than the budget canvas super cheap seat cover’s , very one at work at has comment about them.


Absolutely amazing seat covers, easy to install, fit perfectly and have already been worth the purchase. Great fast service. 10/10 would recommend

Jamie Lee

Awesome seat covers , easy to fit.
Seat cover remain rigid when entering and exiting the vehicle. well worth it


Awesome seat covers! Good snug fit, tough as, water proof, look good and really easy to clean!

Tom N

Totally love your covers have 3 sets now

Stephanie Walker

Absolutely love these seat covers on my Hilux! They are a perfect fit and they were surprisingly super easy to fit them. I highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing them to do so as they are 100% worth the money. Yes, they are not cheap but you get what you pay for and you will have no regrets.
Thanks Rugged Valley, you have a very happy customer here – 5 Stars!

Nate Gunther