Tailor-made vs Universal Seat Covers

Tailor-made vs Universal Seat Covers

Author Harriet Smith

A tailor-made seat cover is designed to fit the exact model of your car but can come at a higher price point, while universal car seat covers are “one size fits all” but are cheaper. How do you choose?

Before we dive into the major differences, let's consider some of the main reasons you want seat covers: is it to protect your original interior from dust and grease? Or perhaps you want a new interior look to match your style?

Either way, car seat covers are definitely a great idea! They allow you to protect your investment and your future resale value. 

So what is the better option for you - custom or universal? Keep reading to find out what the experts at Rugged Valley have to say about custom fitted car seat covers.



1. Tailor-made seat covers fit better.

This is the obvious reason why tailor-made seat covers are superior; they just simply fit way better. They are designed to fit the exact dimensions of your car seats, taking the make and model into account.

This means that they fit snugly to the seat and don't shuffle around. There’s no unattractive drooping or bunching. We all know that there's nothing worse than having to adjust the seat cover every time you slide in and out of your vehicle.

Furthermore, they are made to fit around all your vehicle's levers, armrests, cup holders and other features. So you maintain full accessibility to all the features within your vehicle.



2. Tailor-made seat covers protect your seat better.

Because tailor-made seat covers fit better, they also provide superior seat protection. None of the seat is left exposed or open to mud, spills, grime or wear and tear. They also help shield your seats from the sun's harsh UV rays. 

Because universal seat covers tend to shuffle on the seats, this can end up being counter-productive and cause more wear. Again, it’s all in the fit - tailor-made seat covers fit snugly to your upholstery, keeping it looking newer, longer.


3. Tailor-made seat covers are made from higher quality materials.

In order for universal seat covers to be able to fit over any type of seat, means that they are made out of low quality, stretchy materials. Materials such as, polyester, nylon, or acrylic.

These types of fabrics are all man-made, synthetic fibres. Which whilst this does make them versatile and stretchy it also means that they are low quality, prone to shuffling and rubbing and get sweaty easily.



4. Tailor-made seat covers protect your investment.

As discussed above, tailor-made seat covers are made from higher quality natural fibres they last much longer and protect your vehicle for longer. Because tailor car seat covers fit better and are better designed protect your upholstery against your daily thrashing, they will preserve more of the value of your vehicle.



In summary, a custom fitted, tailor-made seat cover is definitely the way to go.
They are made from higher quality fabrics which last longer, they don't shuffle on the seat and protect your seat better. Whilst the initial investment is usually more to begin with for a custom fit seat cover, they last much longer and totally worth it.
We've seen enough of those cheap, stretchy covers - they don't last, don't stay on the seat and end up costing you money in the long term. 

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