Rugged Valley Workwear

12 Aug 20

Things have been changing around here - as you have been browsing our site, you may have even noticed things looking a little different. 

We are very excited to launch our new website to you all. 
We decided our old website needed a refresh and we wanted to make it easier for our fellow Kiwis to shop online for the hard wearing vehicles accessories

But, there is something else you may have noticed as well.....

Particularly, that our new website no longer has all the Rugged Valley Workwear & Safety Gear products listed. 
This is because we made the business decision to give this a brand refresh with its own dedicated website - Tuatara Workgear.


We are still stocking all the same great workwear products that you know and love, just at a different website!

Head on over to where we are offering a 10% discount off all Rugged Valley Workwear & Safety Gear products. You're welcome.
Use promo code NEW10 and receive 10% off your cart.